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How it all began

I guess this new phase of my life really started after finishing university last June. Until then, I had barely ventured outside of North America. Not because I hadn’t wanted to, but there just always seemed to be some reason as to why I shouldn’t go then, or why it wasn’t a good time to take off. Of course, looking back, all the reasons I thought were valid and reasonable at the time (I might lose touch with my friends or they might forget about me if I leave, I might not get credit for school and have to extend my studies when I get back, I might miss out on things back home while I’m away. What if my relationship doesn’t survive? What if I hate it there!?) now seem more like excuses. But what was I hiding from? I may never know, but at least I gave myself the opportunity to realize that I definitely would have regretted staying home forever!

Somehow, last summer I decided: Enough with the excuses. It’s time to live my life. And am I ever glad I did!

Soon after, the search began for something new and different to do that year. Not an easy task, I quickly discovered! So many options, so many places to go, and so many different things to see and do. Should I work abroad? Volunteer? Try to find an internship? For how long? Where!? Decisions, decisions.

Eventually, after many hours of research and many days of flopping back and forth, trying to make a decision, I did!

The posts that follow are pieces of the emails I sent out to family and friends leading up to my departure, as well as during my time in Guyana. Since I didn’t have a blog at that point, these emails are my best-kept memories of this life-changing adventure!


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