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Destination: Reached!

Jan. 13, 2012:

St. Cuthbert’s Mission is beautiful!!!

On our way into the village!

The 2-hour ride into the village was definitely eventful! Our minibus  was packed TO THE MAX! We had to bring all of our food for the next 3 months, all of our luggage, and 7 bodies!!! (The four of us volunteers, and three YCI staff members). The first hour of the drive was on a highway, and boy were we flying!!!! Once we got off the main highway, though, it was a VERY bumpy ride! The next hour was spent bouncing through massive potholes and avoiding major ruts that the rain had made in the dirt road into the village! Each time this happened, something else from the back of the bus would lunge forward onto us! Good thing it was mostly toilet paper hitting us in the back of the head! Haha. It was a lot of fun though!

We arrived here around 4 p.m. yesterday and got settled in a bit. We put up our mosquito nets, and figured out how to go about using the toilet and shower (more challenging than you might think!) Today we went over to each of the schools to introduce ourselves and meet some of the teachers. There is a nursery school, a primary, and a secondary. I will most likely be working in the primary, but could be helping tutor some kids in need of extra help from the secondary school in the late afternoons. We still don’t really know what we are doing for sure yet, so we’ll have to work all of that out over the next few days.

The kids here are adorable and very friendly and just want to play constantly! They immediately came over to our house when we arrived and said hello. Since then, I’ve had kids hanging off me like monkeys and doing flips and wanting to be spun around upside down all day every day! It’s exhausting! Haha. Eventually I have to tell them no more, or I will get too worn out. It makes the time pass very quickly though! Today we met the village captain, and will hopefully be meeting with him every week or two to discuss things we might be able to get involved with. The people are very nice in general and friendly. They all say “Good afternoon” or “Good morning” when you pass.

The landscape here is GORGEOUS! The village is full of palm trees and some parts are covered in white sand, so it makes me feel like I’m on the beach in tropical paradise when the sun is out! We took a walk to the creek where some of the locals bathe and swim yesterday. Black water creeks are very cool and weird! The water almost looks red! It’s very interesting.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now! Oh, and I had my first bucket shower this morning! It was very chilly! But refreshing. No more hot showers or even running water for the next 3 months!!! Haha!

Bye for now!

My new home

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