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Making the most of little moments

Mar. 9, 2012:

This Tuesday marked one month until my flight back home, which means we are now over 2/3 through our time here! How it flew by! I still can’t believe it. Just as St. Cuthbert’s is finally starting to feel like home, I will be packing up to leave before I know it!

Workshop time at the secondary school!

Our group has been busy the last week or so preparing some workshops to host during our final month here. The secondary school students start their end-of-term exams next week, so we decided to run a workshop on study skills and test-taking in order to help them prepare. On Tuesday we held two workshops; one in the morning for the Grade 7s, and one in the afternoon for the Grade 9s. It was a lot of fun! We split the classes up into groups and had them work together to brainstorm some studying tips and to think about how to study effectively for their upcoming exams. Then we had a very interesting (and eye-opening!) discussion with them about why it’s important to study and to work hard in school. I got the impression that some of these students haven’t really thought that far ahead and maybe haven’t yet realized that there’s often a connection between doing well in school and having more options available to them upon graduating high school. Rather than being the rule, I think studying here (at least in our village) is still the exception, so it may have been a fairly foreign concept to some of them. However, I think both workshops went well overall, and that at least a few of the students may have taken something helpful away from it, so I was happy with that! We are also planning to hold dental hygiene workshops next week for some of the primary school classes, so I am looking forward to that!

Dental Hygiene fun with the Grade 3s

Our time with the Grade 3s is also quickly winding down! We’ve discovered that we probably only have about three more teaching days with them, because their exams start the second last week of March. Though they can definitely be a handful, I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for them, so I think I’ll probably be sad to go! They still draw us pictures and write us adorable notes almost everyday, so that keeps me smiling and significantly lessens the frustration I sometimes feel.

I will do my best to make the most of my last three weeks here and enjoy every minute of this adventure!

More to come soon!

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Jan. 11, 2012:

Hello from Guyana!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve arrived safely and have been staying in a guest house in Georgetown since Monday morning. The house is about two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, so we walk up there most days and spend some time exploring the beach! How nice. It’s a pretty neat feeling to be standing on the edge of South America!!!! We will be traveling to St. Cuthbert’s tomorrow morning, so that will be very exciting! The weather is gorgeous! I only have a couple of mosquito bites so far, and somehow managed to get slightly sunburned yesterday, though I was either inside all day or sitting in the shade! So I’m not exactly sure how that happened! Anyway, everything is going great and we’ve been doing some orientation activities for the last couple of days.

I will write again soon when we make it to the village and get everything set up! We are all doing fine and I love it here!!! Talk to you all soon!

Love Allison

Youth Centre we stayed at in Georgetown

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